Temple of the Sun

About this massive monument, the great poet Rabindranath Tagore said –  “here the language of stone surpasses the language of man”. Situated at the eastern coast of India, the Konark Sun Temple was built by King Narsimhadeva I of Ganga dynasty in the 13th century. It was designed in the form of a gorgeously decorated chariot of Sun god mounted on 24 wheels , each about 10 feet in diameter, and drawn by 7 mighty horses. Sun temple of Konark is a masterpiece of Orissa’s medieval architecture. It is a UNESCO world hertiage monument.


  • The Konark temple is also known for its erotic sculptures of maithunas.
  • In one of the panels at the temple, there is a depiction of giraffe being gifted by West Asian traders to the king of Odisha. It shows Odisha’s long history of trade with Africa and Arabia. Some other experts believe that this animal is Okapi or Dromedary (Arabian camel). 
  • In another panel, there is lady wearing Japanese style sandals (Geta Sandals), proving the maritime relation of Odisha with east & south-east Asia.
  • At present it is located two kilometers from the sea, but originally the ocean came almost up to its base. Until fairly recent times, the temple was close enough to the shore to be used as a navigational point by European sailors, who referred to it as the ‘Black Pagoda’.


Temple is open for public from sunrise to sunset

Entrance Fees are as follows:

Citizens of India and visitors of SAARC (Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives and Afghanistan) and BIMSTEC Countries (Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar) – INR. 30 per head.

Citizen of other countries: US $ 5 or INR. 500/- per head

(children up to 15 years enter free)

How to reach?

Konark is connected by good all weather motorable roads. Regular Bus services are operating from Puri and Bhubaneswar. Besides Public transport Private tourist bus services and taxis are also available from Puri and Bhubaneswar.




यूरोप का बग़ीचा – केइकॉन्हॉफ़


कामकाजी व्यस्तताओं के बीच ज़्यादा कहीं आना-जाना हो नहीं पाता लेकिन साल में एक बार हम  नीदरलैण्ड के केइकॉन्हॉफ़ बाग़ जाना नहीं भूलते। पिछली 19 अप्रैल 2015 को हमलोग केइकॉन्हॉफ़ (Keukenhof) गए। ककेइकॉन्हॉफ़ क्या है और कहाँ है? कुछ जानकारी –

दक्षिण हॉलैण्ड प्रदेश में लिसअ नाम की एक जगह है। लिसअ में फूलों का बहुत बड़ा बाग़ केइकॉन्हॉफ़ है जिसे यूरोप का बग़ीचा भी कहा जाता है। वसंत के मौसम में हर साल मार्च से मई (सिर्फ़ आठ हफ़्ते) तक आम लोगों के लिए खुलने वाले इस बग़ीचे को लिसअ शहर की नगरपालिका ने 1949 में स्थापित किया था। डच भाषा में केइकॉन्हॉफ़ का मतलब – ’रसोई का बग़ीचा’ है। यह बाग़ मुख्य रूप से अपने ट्यूलिप के फूलों के लिए प्रसिद्ध है। 79 एकड़ के इलाके में फ़ैले इस बाग़ में हर साल लगभग 70 लाख ट्यूलिप फूलों के कंद (बल्ब) रोपे जाते हैं। ट्यूलिप शब्द मूल रूप से फ़ारसी भाषा के शब्द दुलबन्द (यानी पगड़ी) से बरास्ते फ़्रांसीसी आया है। ऐसा इसलिए कि ट्यूलिप के फूल को उलटने पर वह एक पगड़ी की तरह दिखाई देता है। प्राकृतिक रूप से ट्यूलिप के फूल मध्य एशिया, तुर्की, मंगोलिया और तिन शियान हिमालय की पहाड़ियों में पाए जाते हैं। सत्रहवीं शताब्दी में ट्यूलिप फूलों का यूरोप में प्रवेश हुआ। 1636-1637 के दौरान यह फूल नीदरलैण्ड में इतना लोकप्रिय हुआ कि इन फूलों की ख़रीद-बिक्री पर सट्टेबाज़ी होने लगी। इसे ट्यूलिप मैनिया यानी ट्यूलिप पागलपन कहा जाता है। नीदरलैण्ड के साथ ट्यूलिप की कहानी इतनी ही पुरानी है। ग़ौरतलब यह भी है कि आज नीदरलैण्ड दुनिया में ट्यूलिप फूलों का सबसे बड़ा निर्यातक देश है।

केइकॉन्हॉफ़ में प्रवेश शुल्क एक व्यक्ति के लिए लगभग 1100 ₹ ( यानी 16 €) है। तीन साल से कम उम्र के बच्चे बाग में मुफ़्त जा सकते हैं। वरिष्ठ नागरिकों के लिए प्रवेश शुल्क में कोई रियायत नहीं है।

कुछ चित्र –

keukenhof 7keukenhof 9keukenhof 7

keokenhoff 1keokenhoff 3keokenhoff 4keokenhoff 5

Blessings explained

ImageFor many people in this post-modern world, the nine lettered word ‘Blessings’  would seem to be rather old and archaic in meaning and use, but once we introspect our lives and then we realize how important is this word in everything we do. Blessings of our parents, of our grand parents, of unknown yet caring people, of brothers and sisters, of friends, of loved ones and above all blessings by God Almighty , are the small but strong life boats which enable us to sail across the high and low tides of mad waters of life.

In Indian culture, we call these blessings, aashirwaad , the inevitable ingredient of every joy and smooth sailing we get in our life. The uncompromising love and care of everyone who loves us makes brilliant bridges for us when we face obstacles in the course of life.

When I was adolescent, I could not really understand the importance of blessings, but now after living three decades of this miracle called life, I have realized their supreme importance in all things I do. Now I firmly believe that prayers and blessings by others for you work in a very positive manner. I also think prayers have a very strong positive energy which benefits the person you have prayed for. The best prayer or blessing is always selfless. So now I make it a point to pray for every person on this earth. And I wish everybody does the same for fellow human beings.

I also take opportunity to wholeheartedly thank everybody who prays for me and blesses me sometime or the other. On my 9th Judgement day, I have realized how crucial they are for me. They have given me immense courage to overcome all hardships and tricky passes. Thank you Dr MSA and his staff for your exceptional skills and care, thank you brother Suresh for your unstinting support in thick and thins, thank you elder brother and sisters for your blessings and concern, thank you Mrs Mary, your prayers do wonders for me always; saying thanks would be unjust to my parents, who have blessed me with everything they have got, but still I would say thanks you very much Papa-Mummi. This whole life would not be enough to show my gratitude for them.  And thank you very much to the sweetest and cutest thing which happened to me in so many years, my life mate UMS. I know I am in your prayers every day and night. So you are in mine!

I love you all.

And remember : God is Good all the Time.
May Lord Ganesha bless you all with good life full of wellness, success and happier moments.

Live life in Moderation, you will enjoy it for long.

Eat healthy, love people around you, Love God, Love nature, Quit bad habits, Stay fit and above all believe in yourself.