Hindi-Urdu Films for International Viewers

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Many people associate Hindi-Urdu language films with Bollywood alone. It is true that Bollywood style films make up the core among the Hindi-Urdu films made in India, but given the large number of films produced, we also have ample number  of films which stand apart from the rest, and which do not fit into the stereotype of Bollywood.

To make things easier, I have compiled a list of must watch Hindi-Urdu films for international viewers at IMDB. This list will introduce people from around the world to  inculcate a different sort of appreciation for Hindi-Urdu films. The list contains all genres – whether it is film noir, alternative cinema, biography, history, mystery and even purely Bollywood Masala (spiced).

Here is the list, Enjoy –

Hindi-Urdu Films for International Viewers



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