Andaman’s Best beaches

Ever wondered where are the world’s best beaches. Didn’t you start thinking of the Mediterranean beaches? But here I’m not talking about beaches out there. The beaches I want you to know about are almost unknown except the few backpackers. Yes I’m talking about beaches in Andamans.
The sea is real blue here and one can see the change in color of water when one flies from mainland India towards the archipelago.
Andamans, apart from having a history of thousands of years, also is a place where one can easily see the true colors of nature. But what truly awed me, are its beaches.
Rated 6th best beaches in the world, Andamans offer the best beach view, clear sea and above all serene environment.
If you allow me to make a pick, I would pick and rate these beaches:
1. Radha Nagar Beach at Havelock Island (The best)
2. Vijay Nagar beach at Havelock Island
3. Beaches at Long Island
4. Beach at Neil Island
5. Beach at Rangat ( Turtle nesting area)
6. Corbyns cove beach at Port Blair

Radha Nagar beach is 12 kms away from the harbor of Havelock Island.
And the best way to explore Havelock on your own, is to hire a bicycle or scooter (if you are too tired to bike) from No. 3 market and bang-You are gone. Shopkeepers usually charge 50 INR for a bicycle per day and 200 INR for scooter/motorcycles.
I tried the first option and I tell you, it was an exhilarating experience. You are really on your own.
Locals don’t call this beach by the name Radha Nagar but by No.7 beach.
Similarly Vijay Nagar beach is known among the locals as No.3 beach.

Anyone coming to Andamans, should never miss the opportunity to visit Havelock Island.
But one last thought, if you happen to talk to anybody from Nicobars, just ask how are the beaches there?
I happened to talk to many of them and lately realized that Havelock Island is just the tip of the iceberg, Andaman and Nicobar Islands have to offer, beach wise. Lets pray government allows some tourist traffic in Nicobar.


7 thoughts on “Andaman’s Best beaches

  1. OMG!! this is awesome stuff… It seems like you have explored every “gali” at the andamans.. I was looking for the most beautiful beaches in the world to visit.. and travelling turned out to be too expensive at the Whitehaven beach (psst.. most beautiful) so I thought of loking at andman & Nicobar.. And you know what?? You have made my life easier…
    Thank You!

  2. Andaman beaches are actually very beautiful…I have been their twice and want to go again. & definitely nothing can beat Radha Nagar Beach. People are so good their, and its so safe. Very reasonable to pocket also. If anyone is visiting Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore or Maldives for beaches then I’ll suggest them to first visit Andamans (Not for those who have interest in white skins). Far more neat and clean, and will be light on pocket also. Will go soon again to explore more.

  3. oooo andamans was nice it was awesome.. its the best place to go for holidays…AND U NOE WHAT RADHA NAGAR BEACH WAS FABULOUS… and scuba diving was good too ENJOYED MY SUMMERS THERE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. can you also tell me which hotel will be better for honeymoon i am looking for 4star property

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